Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thailand: Koh Samui

Hey guys!! I am back from Thailand! Had the most amazing trip ever! We boarded the plane on Tuesday and landed around 5ish in Bangkok and then caught a connecting flight to Koh Samui. When we arrived at the Koh Samui airport, it was pouring down with rain. The customs at this airport are the most relaxed place ever here, they have two signs: one to declare goods and the other nothing to declare, it's your choice if you want to declare or not lol

The resort we stayed at was called Amari Reef Hotel. This place has the best customer service, as soon as we walked in they greeted us and led us to a place to sit down where we can check in. They provided us some tea and refresher towels. One thing I do find weird is that when checking into hotels in Thailand they like to photocopy your passports. When we got to our room, all we wanted to do was take a nap. After our nap we went to get a massage and facial at breeze spa located in our hotel. It was a little expensive but well worth it, soooo relaxing.

The breakfast here was amazing! This hotel has the best breakfast.. anything you can imagine they had it. Every morning I would end up eating 2 plates of food. You can get them to make you omelets or fried eggs. They even had a juice machine to make your own juice. They had not just one type of sausages but 3!!

We joined a tour to ride elephants and see tigers. Our tour ride was on a tuk tuk lol I was freakking out, we had no seat belts and was sitting at the back of the car. Elephant riding was pretty scary too, I held on real tight and didn't let go on the seat. The seat was just tied using ropes to the elephant and looked really flimsy. There was also a waterfall at this place where some ppl went for a swim, the water looked kinda dirty so I didn't go in.

Then we went onto a place where you get feed baby tigers and leopard. I took a pic with the tiger and B took photos with the leopard which got kinda nasty.

Check this gross looking pic out lol We went to a place that has Garra rufa fishes. They are suppose to exfoliate the skin, these tiny little fishes feed off the dead skins and leaving the healthy ones to grow. The feeling of when you first dip your feet into the water is so weird. Let me tell you, i'm not a ticklish person and these fishes were really tickling my feet badly lol
 This hut looking thing was where we got our first beach side massage. It look like a dirty place but hey its the experience that counts. I went for the thai message coz i didn't want to strip down in public lol This is one of the most weirdest massage I got. She was massaging my bum, next thing you know she put her fist near on my bum and pushed it.. kinda like fisting my ass lol

Our hotel had one of the best Italian restaurant we have ever been to. This place was called Pregos, we went here to eat 3 nights.. it's just that good. The pizza base was the best.. who would have thought Thailand would have such tasty pizza. I forgot to take a pic of this place even though we were here so many times lol On most days, we would be walking along the beach or swimming by the pools. Here are some pics I took of our hotel and beach.

Everyday we went out for a massage. On the day we left, we went for a full on pamper session. B and I went for an 1hr facial, I went for a foot scrub and then a 1 hr foot and hand massage. It was awesome, we both we sad that we were leaving lol I would definitely come back to this place.

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  1. One of my most favourite things about holidays is the buffet breakfast!

    I tried a fish spa in Bali - it feels so funny!

  2. Hi MrsG! Yeah it was hilarious, the fish spa took me a while to get use to it. I would dip my feet in then take it out again.

  3. I'm going to Koh Samui next week! I got married there so your post brought back memories. We will be staying at the Amari as well. I stayed there before moving to the resort I got married in, but a lot of my friends preferred the cheerful atmosphere of the Amari.

    I'm a ticklish person so won't attempt the fish spa...


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