Monday, May 28, 2012

Chin Chin Melbourne

After my sis and cousin were hyping up this place the other night, we decided to go try Chin Chin (Thai food). We went on Thursday night, my sis told us they don't take table reservations and go early (5pm) or we would have to wait a while. We ended up going at 6ish and the waitress told us there would be a 1.5hr wait, I was thinking 'omg ONE & A HALF HR wait,  YOU BETTER BE GOOD'. They took down our contact details and txted us when the table was ready. Exactly 1.5hrs later they txted us, we walked back to ChinChin.

Menu/placemat - for some reason that asian boy on the menu reminds me of instant noodles.
We sat around the bar area where they cooked. We ordered 2 entree and 2 mains, we were overly ambitious lol
Chicken wings with chilli & corriander - B loved this. He said next time we go back, we will definitely reorder this dish.
Spicy corn & coriander fritter - B also loved this lol In fact anything that is fried he loves. I didn't even know what a fritter was before eating this dish lol.
You wrap the fritter thing in the lettuce and gobble it up.
Tom Yum - Hot & Sour - There is some kinda leaf in there that made it really spicy, I drank like 2 glasses of water straight and I had beads of sweat on my forehead. I can't handle spicy food (yes an Asian who can't handle spicy food, you heard it correctly...shameful but true).
Twice cooked beef ribs- This was yummo, the beef melts in your mouth - a little sweet but tasty.

Even though the restaurant was busy, the waitors/waitresses were really efficient and friendly. They constantly went around filling up people's glasses with water and were readily available if you needed anything. I was told that because we didn't have room in our stomach to eat dessert, we missed out big time. Sis recommends the ice cream with the salted honeycomb. I was on urban spoon the other night and this place was #1 on 'Talk of the Town', pretty amazing!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bridal Makeup for Lips - Bobbi Brown Tulle #34

For my wedding, I ended up picking Bobbi Brown Tulle #34 for my lipstick. Finding the right shade was really hard for me especially since I hardly ever wore lipstick and on top of that making sure it coordinated with the rest of my makeup, dress and my theme!?! Thinking about it now gives me a headache.

I went to every single cosmetic counter in David Jones but no one was able to help, they all provided the same response "it depends on what you like" how do I know what I like if I'm not use to wearing lipsticks???!!! Some suggested to try the long lasting lip products as they were popular for weddings, which I did but they dried out my lips and I didn't want sultana looking lips on my wedding day. I opted for something that provided moisture but on the downside I would have to re-apply every couple of hours so I picked Bobbi Brown Tulle #34.


I forgot to take a pic of it when I first bought it and now the photo is a little gross after I used it a few times lol
 It looks a little darker in the photo than what it actually looks like.
Here is what it actually looks like on the day. I had lip liner on but I don't know what colour it is. I didn't ask my MUA, she just match the shade of my lippy. Bridal comb is from this post. I haven't blogged about my earrings, not sure if you guys want to see it in detail?

I'm actually quite happy with this lipstick, it's the perfect pink and looks natural too. My mum the typical asian wanted bright red lips but I refused, you cannot use bright red lipstick on my fat lips it just looks weird. I've actually worn it a few times after the wedding, I think I'm slowly converting lol. The finish is awesome, not matte but not shimmery either. Colour is thick and creamy. Price was $44/45 (can't remember) but next time I'll buy it online bit too pricey for me.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GHD launches new glossy Limited Edition stylers!!!

A few months ago, I posted about curling my hair with a ghd here. Recently, ghd has launched new glossy limited edition stylers! Man how amazing does these look??

The new glossy styler are said to be "Quick and easy Kink-free straightening, as well as curls, waves and all your other favourite styling techniques, the ghd IV styler makes light work of them all".

The award winning ghd IV styler features
Advanced ceramic heater technology: for beautiful, smooth shiny hair.
Professional 2.7 metre swivel cord: allows for easy styling.
Sleep mode: heaters automatically switch off if not used for 30 minutes.
Universal voltage: for optimum performance wherever you travel.

Tip to get the look with the
ghd IV styler
To get the right blend of bounce and smoothness, spritz ghd Style Root Lift Spray, into roots before blow-drying hair in sections with the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush. If you’re pushed for time, tip your head upside down and rough-dry, smoothing through with the ghd Paddle Brush as you go. Once dry, working in sections about 4cm wide, place the ghd IV gloss styler, at the root and pull the hair up and away from your head. As you approach  the end of the section, turn the styler in towards you as you move through to  the ends. Once  all the hair has been smoothed, brush through with the ghd Paddle Brush and  finish with a fine mist of ghd Style Final Shine Spray which is  super light and will allow the style to retain its bounce.

Available in two classic finishes: patent black and poppy red (both available for a limited time).

Further information can be found at

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

Monday, May 21, 2012

Giveaway to celebrate!!!! =) (CLOSED)

Hello everyone, happy Monday!! You might be thinking what's to celebrate?? Well.... I have just reached a bit over 400 followers on GFC!!!! YAY! =) This is to say a big thank you for all the support, comments and advice I've received on this blog.

Giveaway consists of a clutch, accessories and some beauty products.

Clutch from Forever New (brand new with tags) 
Necklace from Lovisa
Leafy earrings from Lovisa
Giant studs from Lovisa. The gem part is actually a peachy pink color, my funky camera can't seem to capture it.
Bow headband from Forever New
Ulta3 nailpolish - colour: bonbon
ChiChi nail polish - colour: Its raining men
Garnier body lotion sample x2
Garnier BB cream (light) sample x2
Dove beauty cream bar sample x1

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Thank you to those who read my blog!! If you are feeling super generous, you are welcome to comment on things you would like to see/read on my blog or any improvements I can make.

This post was not sponsored. All items in this giveaway are purchased with my own money with the exception of the samples.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie

I went to Adriano Zumbo Patisserie at The Star last week in Sydney!!! OMG I can't believe it took me so long to try it, it was soooo good!!
 Adriano Zumbo has the desserts displayed in these funky colourful cages.
 Macarons are kept in these boxes for display
I just had lunch so I only got a piece, if I found this place earlier I would have just bought a few pieces and ate it for lunch.

I got the macaron fraisier - macaron, vanilla brulee, fresh strawberries, genoise, kinch syrup and pistachio mousseline.

Hope you enjoy sweet stuff as much as I do. As always thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: Essential Kit Hand & Body Wash

As winter is approaching, I was looking to change my body skincare routine. I had the pleasure of trying out the new Essentials Kit Hand and Body Wash for a good few weeks. I was surprised at the results, my skin feels smooth!

According to the Kit website "This softening and silkening multi-purpose wash gently cleanses with a conditioning blend of glycerin and chamomile flower, and native Australian extracts: Kakadu plum for vitamin C, quandong to nourish and soothe, and lilly pilly for anti-oxidant benefits and mild exfoliation. Also features a refreshing blend of the finest essential oils including orange peel, cedarwood atlas and lemongrass for a seriously uplifting experience".

Availability: Kit Cosmetics counters
Price: $22.95 for 200mL, $34.95 for 525mL

  • Left my skin feeling smooth 
  • Moisturising
  • Didn't irritate
  • Easy to lather
  • Smells great (I love the citrus and lemon grass scent)
  • Sulphate-free
  •  A tad on the expensive side (maybe coz I'm asian lol)
  •  If you're not a fan of citrus and lemon grass, it then this might be too strong for you

    Overall: I'm loving this product, it's great for winter. I like it how it leaves my skin feeling smooth and the scent lingers on for a bit. I would definitely buy another bottle after I've finished this one!

    Have you tried this product? Or other Kit products?

    The products featured in this post were provided for consideration but in no way influenced my review in any way, please refer to my disclosure policy. 

    Sunday, May 6, 2012

    Most memorable wedding photo

    Happy Sunday!!! Just a quick update - Yesterday was the day!! I had so many cameras pointing at me, it was unbelievable. Everything worked out exactly as planned.

    I wanted to show you guys my most memorable photo, taken at Beaumaris yesterday. We were walking along the beach with the photographer, it was sooo windy and cold!!!! I was getting really annoyed because I had heels on walking in the sand, my dress was getting really dirty and my hair was falling apart from the wind. We walked 10-15mins and came to a stop and I looked in front of me, there was a bunch of rocks. I thought 'OMG do you really expect me to climb that????'.  I wanted to give up and turn back, you could see the expression on my face lol but I had already walked so far and it's silly to just go back, so I did it and here it is!!! In the end, it was worth getting my dress & shoes dirty!

    There will be a final wedding post within the next few weeks after I finish collating photos from everyone.

    Thanks for reading!!

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Hens day - Windsor Hotel High tea & Karaoke

    Wedding Wednesday!!! I was planning on writing about my earrings and shoes but I brought them over to my parents place and forgot to take any photos! Last weekend, my sister and best friend organised my hens day at Windsor Hotel high tea & karaoke. I also found out that both my sis and cousin have been reading my blog.

    As soon as we walked into the dining room (where the high tea was held), we looked like tourist. Most of us grab a camera and went around taking photos of all the cakes and sweets. I'm glad I did because 30mins later most of the cakes were 1/2 demolished.


    A chocolate fountain!!! First time I tried dipping strawberries and marshmallows into a chocolate foundation.

    I forgot what this was called, but it was really delish!! It had layers of pastries and cream.
     Our table was so full, we couldn't fit much stuff into it. This place has so much savory stuff, the scones were really good!
    My sis organised a suprised, the waiter came with out with this plate.
    After high tea, we went back to the apartment to play some games. We were designing wedding dresses out of toilet paper. I didn't post any pics because no one wanted their faces on my blog lol This picture is the aftermath (it looked worse in real life than in the pic).
    Some of the prizes that were won!

    I was doing all sorts of poses with the toilet paper!

    At night, we went to karaoke at Rainbow Karaoke (again no pics). My sis and cousin were both screaming their lungs out, I was surprise they could still talk at the end of the night. By 12, I was soooo tired and my voice was almost gone. We left at one-ish, a very good effort! If you are reading this M (my sis), thanks for organising!! You did a great job!

    Tomorrow, I'm getting my nails done at Miss Fox, can't wait for it!! I'll definitely post something on it.

    Thanks for reading!!! 3 days to go!!
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