Saturday, November 12, 2011

What to wear to the beach?

Hii!! In 9 days, I will be headed off to Thailand. I'm not a beachy type person so I don't really have any outfit to suit the occassion. What kinda beach outfits do people wear to the beach? lol as silly as this sounds I had to google "beach wear". Not really a bikini fan since I feel like I have budges everywhere, only have a set coz I really needed it for a day spa place. Most of the results from the google show flowy dresses, I like dresses but dunno about the flowy bright colored ones. I'll definitely be bringing over shorts and a maxi but just wanted some other outfits so my pics don't look like im wearing the same thing everyday. Definitely, looking for a sun hat.

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I did find these shorts at forever new that I bought yesterday. From $69.95 down to $34, another bargain purchase!!

My shopping list for this trip:
  • Sun hat
  • Plenty of sunscreen
  • a nice swim suit (if I can find one)
  • flowy dresses

Heading off to Chadstone Shopping Centre today and checking out the Myer one day sale.

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  1. there's a gift for you in my blog, hope you'll enjoy! byee


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