Sunday, November 13, 2011

Love Heart Earrings

Hello Lovies~~ Today I was walking around the city looking for a present for my friend's birthday next week and I stumbled across this store called Mouche. They sell jewelry and accessories, I think it's Korean. I picked up a pair of very cute cupcake earrings for my friend and B got me these heart shaped earrings. I love oversized earrings where they cover your entire earlobe.

Comes with this box packaging then they also wrap the earrings in tissue paper.

Here they are my new earrings.. too bad I can't wear them right away. I can't wear earrings too often maybe like... once or twice a month. My ears get really infected.


  1. Lovely pair! and i like the creative packaging...

  2. Thanks Cherry, love my earrings =)


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