Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wedding invitations & Bonbonniere Boxes are decided!!

Hello =) I have made some progress! My wedding invitations and bonbonniere boxes have been ordered. The printing company has started printing. It took a while to decide on what I want, knowing me it normally takes me ages coz im so indecisive. In Australia, it's very expensive to get invitation made. I went to a few wedding expos and the invitations there was like $8-10 per card... wayy too expensive for my budget. The fact that I know ppl will end up throwing my invite in the bin made me feel even more stingy. My invitations are from HK, the girl was really nice and communication has been really good. My invites are simple but my bonbonniere boxes are mega asian lol My mum loves the chinese character on wedding stuff, some kinda good luck thing? What's good about this place is the bonbonniere boxes are custom made so it will have our names and wedding date on it.

 This is my invite, the envelope is also a greeny pearl colour.

Bonbonniere Box - on the other side it has our names printed on it. Thinking of doing a candy buffet, so ppl can just take their boxes up to the table and fill it up with whatever lollies they want.

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