Friday, January 27, 2012

Australia day - Eureka tower & Passionflower

Happy Australia day!!! I know I posted a day late but I was too tired to think of stuff to ramble on here last night lol. Wednesday night, a bunch of us from work went for dinner then karaoke so only slept like 4hrs yesterday. Yesterday being Australia day, we went to the city for some drinks at the South Wharf Hotel.
This is what I wore yesterday (mini OOTD) - loving the pastel colours lately. 
  • Top - Kookai 
  • Shorts - Forever New
  • Shoes - Wittners
 After that I wanted to go to the Crown chinese festival but turns out they haven't started yet so we walked to Eureka tower and went to the sky desk instead.
Check it out! Level 88... when we were going up the elevator, my ears were popping. It took like 2mins to get up to 88, It doesn't feel like it's going up that fast.
 The view at the top! B was disappointed when we got up here coz he's been up higher lol I love it how they always advertise stuff in Australia 'tallest building in the southern hemisphere' or 'largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere'. Seriously, there is not much stuff down on this side of the world that could compete.
Dessert was next! We went for ice cream at this place near china town called passionflower, they sell asian flavored ice creams and desserts.

Menu looks pretty cool.

I ordered the black sesame ice cream with glutinous balls. To be honest, I've had better ice cream than this and for wayy cheaper too. This thing you see cost $15.50 and it was only 2 scoops of ice cream. They had like a dessert platter for $40ish, I was thinking omg 40bucks for some ice cream?? I could have a decent meal for that price.

I don't really do the traditional Australia day celebrations, my day was more like a date lol I had a really nice day, too bad I had to go into work today though!

What did you do on Australia day?

Thanks for reading!! =)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

GIVEAWAY - BrandsExclusive $50 Voucher (CLOSED)

Happy Sunday!!!

What a great way to start a Sunday morning off but with a giveaway. And it will be my very first giveaway!!!! =)

Recently, I was contacted by Brands Exclusive about putting on a competition for my readers. I personally love competitions myself so I was happy to accept and post about it. I can never refuse freebies or bargains! Brands Exclusive has on offer a bunch of stuff, you could choose to buy a cocktail dress or other womens fashion, the choice is up to you!
To enter into the draw to win a $50 Brands Exclusive voucher, simply just:

  • Subscribe to my blog using GFC 
  • Post a comment (none of that mumbo jumbo on why you deserve the prize)
  • Leave your email address in your comment (the winner will have their name and email passed to BrandsExclusive and they will arrange the prize)
  • Competition closes on the 05/02/12 at 5pm AEDT.
  • Open to Australian residents only
  • The winner will be chosen at random

Good luck!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Australian Open - Tennis!

Today was my very first time going to the Australian Open!! The funny thing is I'm born in Melbourne and it has taken me 27yrs to finally go lol OMG I been missing out all those years!!! I have always thought because I'm not into the whole sports thing so there's no point in me going (thinking i'll be bored outta my brains while im there). I spent almost the whole day there from 12ish til 8, and I was not bored even once.

The Dove Marquee - They offered everyone 5 min hand massages, explain products to all of us and best of all the freebies! Look at the below pic of what I picked up, full size deodorants!!! They were giving out two per person!!! The rest is moisturiser, cleansing soap and hair treatment. Very nice girls working in there. 
 Our very first game we watched, I forgot their names already but these two girls won the match. 
We watched a few more games but I don't remember their names either lol What good am I? Anyway, I got hungry and we had Chicken strips & chips for dinner! Healthy huh? The chicken was like fake chicken meat? When I say fake, I mean seriously processed meat doesn't even have the chicken taste or texture anymore. For $9.50 I won't complain AS MUCH...

  We got to watch the match Mikkhail Kukushkin vs. Gael Monfils. I tell ya it was an intense match, after the second set I was so sure Monfils will lose. Then by 3rd and 4th set, Monfils caught up I was like omg he's going to win!!! 5th set, Kukushkin took it! =( I was so disappointed, I really wanted Monfils to win. The ass sitting in front of me kept leaning back, his back was touching my knees ewww...lucky it only touched my knee once otherwise I would have set him straight.
After the match, it got kinda cold and seriously windy so we decided to head home. Stopped by 7 11 near the train station and got a slurpee. Excuse my manly hands, I did try to hide it.

Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cherry Blossom Wedding cake!?!!?

Who would have though searching for a cake can be this much trouble. My sister has a friend who is a pastry chef, who I emailed asking for a quote to make cherry blossom cupcakes. She quoted me $7 per cup cake plus like another 200-300 for the fruit cake, that cake would cost me $1k eeeek.... There's a perception that cup cake towers are cheaper than an actual wedding cakes but its not!! omg the opposite. I wanted a yummy cake but I don't know if ppl can tell the difference between a $1k cake vs $600-800. Anyway so I kept looking around (by this time didn't really care if it was cup cakes or not). We found a place this afternoon that can do a very simple cherry blossom cake which isnt as crazy as some of the cherry blossom cakes on google like these guys. A bit too over the top with the flowers lol

Our wedding cake has two of our favourite things on it - cherry blossoms & pink bows.. you may think it sounds lame but it's pretty looking. It's a 3 tiered cake and I got different flavours for every tier. Good thing is we have flowers on the top tier so we don't need any cake toppers since the last one I bought was lost in the mail.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BUMP IT UP Bumpits - Hair Volume Inserts

I came across this tool called bumpits lol sounds funny but that's what it's really called. It's a tool you put underneath your hair to create volume. I wanted to try it on my fringe/bang and create a quiff. My hair is really flat and no matter how much spray and teasing I do, it doesn't get to the size I want.

In the packet you get:
  •  2 size: 12cm x 9cm x 3cm (large) & 11cm x 8cm x 2cm (small)
  • Material: velcro
Here are some pics I took

My hair is too thin to cover the whole thing. The small is actually still too big for my head lol I thought it was smaller when I saw it online. Also it took me a while to put it in my hair, the thing kept slipping around. Good thing it was only for $3.95 on ebay. If you want to try for yourself, do a search on ebay for 'Bumpits'.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Oh man the dilemma, should I risk it and buy my veil online or buy it from the shops? If I get it online, what if its crappy material? I'll end up wasting the $150 and end up buying from a retail bridal shop? On the other hand, what if the quality is good and i'll never know lol

This is the kinda veil i'm after, the long thin type? dunno how else to describe them, I wanna take a photo similar to this where my veil flys. It looks romantic as.

Source: Projectwedding

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year New Blog Theme!!!

I don't know what got into me today but I thought I should do up my blog and make it pretty lol I've spent all morning and half of this afternoon on it. B said the name of my blog doesn't really match what I'm posting and that graffiti banner thing I had completely doesn't sit right. So for the first time I listened to him haha and I made it all pink, complete 360 from my last layout. Looking quite girly lol

Hope you guys like it! =)

Procrastinating to the max!

There is just under 4mths to go til my wedding and I am no where near finished organising for suppliers, not even half way there... I'm starting to panic now, from when I booked the reception til this minute I have not organised a single thing which is like SIX MONTHS??? OMG.. I freakken wasted 6mths doing nothing and now I am acting like a crazy person trying to google ppl I can contact.

Things I still need to organise:
  • Photography (I know i should have got this one done earlier)
  • Flowers
  • Make up/Hari
  • Cake
  • Menus/Name cards
  • Centre pieces
  • Evening dress 
  • Car
Anyone have any good recommendations for the above that can save me the stress??!?!?!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January bargain: Pilgrim Bell Skirt

Scored this skirt for $24.95 originally $109, then down to $89.95 again to $49.95 and then 50% off!!! I think my blog is turning into a place where I share sales lol

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No to spam

Hello, please stop posting rubbish spam comments on my blog full stop - I don't need any links to some escort service.. and the most useless comments ever..

Cranky start to the morning as you can see... oh yes first post for 2012, Happy new year guys!
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