Monday, October 31, 2011

What did I do last weekend?

Saturday for lunch B and I went to Soda Rock. It's an American style diner located in South Yarra, Melbourne. On every table they have a mini juke box as well as a larger one on display. Both of us ordered our favourite burger combos "big bopper" and we upgraded to chilli fries.

 The mini juke box!!

Raspberry Soda
And here it is! The big bopper burger and my medium chilli fries.. delicious!! Even though the burger looks small, it was very filling. I couldn't even finish my burger and I gave some of my fries to B. A very yummy burger!

Sunday we spent the whole day at a wedding. It was held at Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorne. It's a very lovely venue to have your wedding. As soon as we got in, it was an indoor area for the ceremony. The ceremony lasted about 20mins, they did the usual stuff where they told us how the lovely couple met and then exchanged vows. Then we waited around for lunch. Entree was risotto, main was chicken on mash and finished off with a creme brulee.

The two entree for the day was risotto and salmon.
I completely forgot to take a pic of the mains but it was a choice between the fish or chicken. I had the chicken
The first of the two dessert choices was something similar to an apple pie, they had pieces of apple on a square piece of pastry. I had the creme brulee and only managed to finish about a 1/3 of it. It was a little too sweet for me.

Sunday was a really long day, after the lunch reception which ended at around close to 4pm we drove my parents to show them where our own reception will be held. After than we waited around our apartment for the wedding part 2 dinner. It was held at Docklands.. a place called Waterside bistrol? I'm pretty sure I got the name wrong lol By the time we got home that night it was 11pm, my very first 12 hr wedding...intense!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October bargains - part 2

Heyyy!! Decided to write up about another bargain buy! At lunch time, I stopped by Forever New (an aussie clothing brand) and they had a whopping further 40% sale items! Scored myself this pair of shorts! They are awesomely cute =) For $17 you can't go wrong!
Looking at their website now, saw a few items I'm quite liking. How cute are these dresses and skirt? I was never really into Forever New but recently their new range are pretty dam cool. I love pastel colours and nothing too out there. Simple is my style. I like dresses that has a belt around the waist, coz I have big hips so anything that shows my waist makes me less self conscious.
Ultra cute skirt with a bow!
I picked up this necklace from Lovisa. Looks better in person than in this pic. This is my first item purchased from Lovisa, hoping to wear it to a wedding this Sunday.

Tomorrow after work, I'll be on a mission to find some false lashes. I want to get the individual ones, never tried them before, hoping it won't be that hard.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October bargains

Last week, during one of my lunch breaks at work, I went to DFO South Wharf in Melbourne. I only had one hour to walk around (powerwalking around the shops is tough lol). I went to Country Road and they had a further 50% off storewide, my eyes sparkled up and I went straight in. I was a little disappointed as there was not much clothes in there in my size. However! all the winter accessories were on sale! I love stocking up on winter accessories. I got hosiery for $6.48!!! RRP was $24.95. I like CR stockings, quality is good and it's well made not like the cheap type you get where they go out of shape when you throw them in the washer lol.

My next bargain buy was at Decjuba. There was an extra 25% off sale items, I got a mocha colored cardigan for $20 originally $90!!! How good is that?? I couldn't find a pic online, I'll try and take a pic later.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cherry Blossom Moisteriser

Cherry blossoms is Japan's unofficial national flower. It has been celebrated for many centuries and plays a huge part the in Japanese culture. Flowers mostly bloom for just a couple of days in spring around March time in Australia. The Japanese celebrate that time of the year with hanami (picnics & drinking under a blooming blossoms). I have never been to a hanami but my bf went last year and he loved it. Japan is on my list of places to visit!! Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful every time I see a product that has some kind of Cherry Blossom symbol on it, I get sucked in and have to buy it lol

Anyway back to the main point of this post lol I have found Cherry Blossom moisterises - Body shop and Victoria Secret. I know its not new but i'm slow at discovering things, if its new to me its new! lol
I love love love this body butter from the Body Shop. It smells great and very moisturising. I have ultra dry skin and this really does the trick for me. I mainly use it on my legs, my arms are not as dry. I also like the packaging in fact.... I love anything that's pink lol Only downside is that when its summer, it can get a little sticky.

Next one is Victoria Secret's beauty range - Love Spell!!! I use this for my hands before I go sleep, yess my hands get dry tooo! It's fast absorbing and light, fragrance is absolutely delicious (Cherry Blossom, peach & white jasmine) smells gorgeous! 

On the VS site it says

Experience the luxury of fragrant hydration. Intensive formula is fortified with replenishing avocado and sweet almond oils, plus hydrating honey. Massage on for rich, 24-hour moisture, focusing on dry, rough areas. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable: the ultimate sexy sensation.

Overall, I'm loving both the products!

This is it for today! I shall post my facial routine in my next post! Thanks for reading!! =)


Friday, October 21, 2011

Ebay is addictive!

I was just on the vogue forums and found out you can get hair bun wire thingy on ebay! I've always wondered how some chicks have these awesome looking buns. I've tried so many times trying to do a messy bun but my hair is really thin and slippery so it doesn't stay in place. For $1, I immediately clicked "buy now" lol I have high hopes for pleaseeee work!!! It will take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive.
Hair bun

Day off work

On Monday I decided to take an extra day off work for study which was yesterday, its been a while since I had some time off away from work. Yesterday was a really relaxing day. Woke up did some study then headed off to the city for lunch.
- me waiting at the train station
For Lunch, we went to this place in China Town not quite sure the name but it's a Japanese cafe. It's a very small looking cafe with two floors. This is my go to place for bento boxes! They range from $9.50-10 for lunch Bento boxes. This is the beef sukiyaki for $9.50. What I love is it also comes with a free drink (miso soup, coke, tea or ice lemon tea). I got the lemon tea yesterday since it was hot.
Bento Box
We stopped by fed sq and Hosier lane. Here are pics I took.
Hosier Lane

Dragon baby @ Fed Sq
Then we headed off to Myer and got myself a new dress for a wedding next weekend at Leonda. Excuse the quality of the photo, it was taken with my phone in the changing rooms lol Had to put my finger onto the speaker part of the phone so it wouldnt make that camera noise (ppl might think im some kinda pervert taking a pic of them!). Not quite comfy with showing my face yet, so enjoy the face censoring! The dress fits really well and looks a lot better in person than what's in the pic.
My new dress
I'm looking for a chunky necklace to match this dress, preferably in white? like a pearly necklace? Any recommendations on where I can this? Also, don't want to spend too much probably going to end up wearing it once lol

Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 10, 2011

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB CREAM No.23 (50ml) NaturalBeige

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Since trying the Garnier BB cream, I have decided to try the korean type. There wasn't any asian cosmetic shops near me so I jumped on ebay and bought it off a seller in Korea! Lets hope it arrives soon and I will do a review.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Garnier BB cream

Garnier BB cream
Garnier BB cream
In the last few days I've been reading about Garnier's new BB cream, all this hype has really got my expectation up high lol I woke up feeling super excited the thought of going out to buy BB cream. Went to Big W as soon as I had breakfast then came home to try it. I was expecting some miracle that all my blemishes would suddenly disappear instantly after application. Boy... was I wrong..Here are some of the things that didn't live up to my expectations.
1. Coverage is really low (even my mineral foundation has better coverage). I was after something that had medium coverage because my face has red blotches sometimes. This didn't even out my skin tone which is why I am disappointed. It's like a super light tinted moisturizer.
2. It makes my face really greasy. It gives you this glossy look, I normally do like dewy look but this is just over the top.

Overall, if you are a user of tinted moisturizer then this is a perfect product for you. Price is good RRP at $13.85. I have yet to try the Korean branded BB cream, will be a good comparison once I get my hands on a few brands to try and will report back.
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