Monday, December 17, 2012

Palmer's BB Cream

Recently Palmer's have expanded its Eventone range to include BB creams. According to Palmer's "This all-in-one beauty balm replaces the need for multiple products by targeting discolouration and preventing hyperpigmentation from recurring, protecting against and preventing sun damage, providing lightweight coverage to conceal imperfections, instantly improving radiance and reducing redness". The tone enhancing complex with natural pigment works to prime, perfect and protect you skin.
Available in 2 different shades: Fair/Light and Medium/Dark.
What I like:
  • Very smooth consistency (even though it is quite thick)
  • Afforable, pretty good compared to other brands
  • Covers redness and even skin tone
  • Dewy finish
  • Lovely fragrance 
  • Paraben & Sulphate free

RRP: $9.99 (30ml)

Overall: This is a good BB cream, I would have preferred if it had a little more coverage. I have a lot of pigmentation just below the eyes and this doesn't cover much of it. I found that the medium BB cream is too dark whilst the fair is too light. I mixed a bit of medium with the fair and I got the perfect shade! So if you're an inbetweener like me, buy both and mix til you get the right colour for you. I haven't used this as a primer so I cannot comment on how well it works. This BB cream is good if you are looking for something similar to a tinted moisteriser.

Available exclusively at My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse, remaining stockists from January 2013.

What do you think of BB creams?
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Disclaimer: I was sent both products for reviewing purposes, this has not influenced my opinion.


  1. Aw, I'd like more coverage too, just because its always easier to sheer out high pigmentation! I think I'd need to mix both shades to match me too! I had no idea palmers makes a bb cream! The one western brand bb i want to try is from sleek! It seems sooo pigmented!

  2. Ill have to give this a try someday, I have always used the missha bb cream.


  3. I had no idea this brand made a BB cream! I feel like I would be in between both shades too so maybe I should skip this one xx

  4. Hey, I've seen this around in shops! >w<
    Aw, too bad it didn't have as much coverage as you wanted, though!

  5. I never knew they had a BB cream out! It sounds rather inconvenient to have to mix the shades, although aside from that it sounds like a great product. Thanks for the review!

  6. Ooh might have to try this as have shocking pigmentation on my forehead from the pill and facials. Worse now due to the summer sun. Got asked today if I had bruises on my forehead after a weekend camping, very embarrassing. Will grab some tomoz I think.

  7. I really love your blog dear!
    Keep it up, you do it great!


  8. I actually didn't know that Palmers had a BB Cream, but then again, its seems like every company is coming up with one!!

    Liking how dewy it looks from your picture and that it has a smooth consistency. It's also quite affordable!

    Not sure which shade I would get though given they are both quite different! Like you said, might have to mix the two up to get the right shade.

    Great review! xx

  9. I love Palmers products but I've been hesitant about using BB creams so far - I like a really flawless look!

    I'm your newest follower, I love it when I find other Australian Beauty Blogs!

    Jessi xx

  10. It looks great! Unfortunately I can't get this in England x

  11. I know I won't be picking this up. I need something with a bit more coverage.


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