Sunday, November 20, 2011

Puffing Billy & Yarra Valley Wineries!!

Visited Puffing Billy and Yarra Valley Wineries today, it was a very intense day lol We had to meet up at fed sq at 7.45am to join the tour group. Our first stop was at some park (can't remember the name of it), you can buy bird seeds and feed cockatoos there. Not very exciting but at least we got morning tea, where I had two lamingtons. If you don't know what lamingtons are then you are missing out! It's a cake with jam in the middle coated with chocolate and coconuts on the outside. Next stop was puffing billy, it was filled with very excited parents and kids. We got off at menzies station where our bus driver picked us up and picked up an additional 12 newbies to our tour group (not exactly the best mix of ppl)

 We then went to Fergusson Winery for lunch. Lunch was roast with vegies. The meal was average, probably because I had such high expectations for it. After lunch, was the wine tasting. Only managed to try 2 types wine at this place. Their moscato was quite yummy! Second winery we went to was Dominque something lol really bad with names as you can see.

Last stop was at Rochford - I do really like this place. Tried around 6 types of wine here, their fortified wine was really nice (only coz I like sweet wine) After the tasting, we all went for some dessert. They had a lot of macarons, cakes and fudges. Last time I came here, I got fudge so I didn't get it this time. This time I got a carrot cake with a green tea. It was very yummy, was perfect with the cream.

The newbies that joined our tour ended up drinking so much they were really annoying on the way home. They kept talking really loud and said some things they shouldn't be talking about in public. One of the guys came down to speak to the driver and told him they wanted to be let off. The bus driver agreed and dropped them off and everyone on the bus was clapping coz they left. When they were outside the bus, one of the girls decided to flash herself at everyone!! Who does that??? It's not like they were even young, they look like they were in their early to mid twenties.


  1. I went on the same tour a couple of months back!

    Love those wineries, and ended up spending way too much! The second one was Dominique Portet?

    I think we were the embarrassing rowdy ones at the back of the bus by the end of the tour though! Although not nearly as bad as the ones you had to put up with, by the sounds of it!

  2. Wow I think it must have been the same tour! Pretty sure it was Dominique Porte I couldnt spell it so didnt want to name it lol


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