Tuesday, November 1, 2011

REVIEW: MISSHA Perfect Cover #23 & swatch

Finally received my Missha BB cream I bought from ebay around 2 weeks ago. I have used this for a few days, I must say I am impressed. At the start when you put it on, it does give you a gray cast but that does go away after 20 seconds you wouldn't even notice it anymore. Coverage is good, pretty much covers my uneven skin tone as well as acne scars. I like to put it on and then set it with powder. I'm currently using MAC mineral loose foundation, not the best powder to be using to set the BB cream but it will do for now. Once you set it with powder, it should last the whole day. This might sound gross but sometimes I go gym after work with make up still on and it pretty much stays in tact but then I don't really sweat like a pig so it might be different for everyone lol

Overall, really impressed and definitely buy again.

On the left we have Garnier BB cream in light and the right is Missha perfect cover #23. It is a little hard to tell over my mobile phone camera but the Garnier BB cream has a yellowy tone to it whilst the Missha BB cream has a grayish look to it. Garnier BB cream is a lot light which is reflected in its coverage. I like to finish off both with a powder because it gives it more color and also helps set the bb cream.

Hope this helps anyone who is deciding between the two.


  1. Thanks for the review..glad that you love the BB cream..I've bought this one too, indeed the coverage is really nice... I really love the shade and coverage and all but this thing broke me out..>_< got to set this aside first and hopefully/praying if I use this next time I won't break out anymore. Since people say the reason why you broke out might be because your skin is still adjusting with the new ingredients..etc..hope so...Would love to try the MAC loose foundie as I'm currently searching for a great foundie that could top off bb cream! followed you too ^_^~

  2. Love Missha BB Cream, and was a big fan with this one until I found out they released another one last year and have then fallen in love with that. If you haven't already you should try their Signature Real Complete BB Cream. Its now my favourite. I did a review of it on my blog.

    Found you on blog hop and glad that I did

    YY x


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