Monday, October 31, 2011

What did I do last weekend?

Saturday for lunch B and I went to Soda Rock. It's an American style diner located in South Yarra, Melbourne. On every table they have a mini juke box as well as a larger one on display. Both of us ordered our favourite burger combos "big bopper" and we upgraded to chilli fries.

 The mini juke box!!

Raspberry Soda
And here it is! The big bopper burger and my medium chilli fries.. delicious!! Even though the burger looks small, it was very filling. I couldn't even finish my burger and I gave some of my fries to B. A very yummy burger!

Sunday we spent the whole day at a wedding. It was held at Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorne. It's a very lovely venue to have your wedding. As soon as we got in, it was an indoor area for the ceremony. The ceremony lasted about 20mins, they did the usual stuff where they told us how the lovely couple met and then exchanged vows. Then we waited around for lunch. Entree was risotto, main was chicken on mash and finished off with a creme brulee.

The two entree for the day was risotto and salmon.
I completely forgot to take a pic of the mains but it was a choice between the fish or chicken. I had the chicken
The first of the two dessert choices was something similar to an apple pie, they had pieces of apple on a square piece of pastry. I had the creme brulee and only managed to finish about a 1/3 of it. It was a little too sweet for me.

Sunday was a really long day, after the lunch reception which ended at around close to 4pm we drove my parents to show them where our own reception will be held. After than we waited around our apartment for the wedding part 2 dinner. It was held at Docklands.. a place called Waterside bistrol? I'm pretty sure I got the name wrong lol By the time we got home that night it was 11pm, my very first 12 hr wedding...intense!!

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