Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Daiso Face Washing Brush

This week has been a drainer of a week, so many things going on at work. Anyway so last month I blogged about my adventures in Daiso. I showed you guys this nifty little tool called the Face Washing Brush, well tonight I will be reviewing it after trialing for a week.

The face washing brush claims to clears pores and remove dead skin, hence giving you a smoother face.

Additional info:
  • Made in China
  • RRP $2.80
  • Available: Daiso

Application: Place the brush in between your fingers and squirt some cleanser on the brush. Massage around your face in a circular motion.

What I like:
  • I quite enjoy this soft silicone massaging my face
  • Easy to hold
  • Soft bristles 
  • Mega cheap
  • It's pink and cute

Overall: I've been using this every morning with a bit of Cetaphil. I haven't actually noticed any difference in my face but then my face isn't ultra dirty lol. For some strange reason, I quite like the feeling of it on my face even if i don't see any results. If you have some huge ass pimple, I wouldn't use this might be a little too rough for it. This is a awesome little tool for $2.80. How good is Daiso hey??

It's a quickie of a review!
Thanks for reading =)
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  1. I also use a Daiso cleansing pad (mine's more tear shaped)! And I also use with Cetaphil! In the morning! Haha XD I'm not completely certain either, but I'm sure it is doing a better job at cleansing than my plain fingertips. For night time with a different cleanser, I use The Body Shop's Facial Brush - definitely notice the difference there!

  2. Great review! I have one of these from Soap and Glory and I love the feel too!

  3. Love Daiso! I want this now, it looks fun! :D

  4. reminds me of the 'clean pod' you get with the L'Oreal perfect clean face washes! which are great. Great review! xo

  5. I've been using this daily for awhile now and really enjoy it. Usually I use a scrub and a face wash - but now I just use this with my cleanser and it does a great job.

  6. I used the Sephora version and really like it :)

  7. OMG! this is so cute. and for that price, great deal. I think I'm gonna buy it :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  8. This looks cute!! I've never used a washing brush before but have always wanted to. Let us know if it makes a difference on your face! xx

    Chippy Cakes

  9. I've seen these online, and wondered if they were any good. If I wasn't planning on getting a Clarisonic fairly soon, I might have given it a shot!

  10. Looks really cool.. and that price? I have to try it !

    Wanna follow each other?

  11. This looks like a great tool for exfoliation; I'm definitely going to check out something similar here in the States.


  12. wowow! nice tool, but does it hurt ?

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  13. Really interesting! I'm going to try it!
    Hope you'll visit my blog and leave a comment!


  14. I've been looking for a cleansing aid to use with my regular cleanser to see if it changes anything. This review was helpful! Sounds like a good tool for a great price.
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  15. Btw, I'm following from :-)

  16. This looks so massaging... and I guess at $2.80 it doesn't hurt to try it! :)

  17. I saw this at Daiso over here and thought about getting it! hmmm.. I might have to try it out! Thanks for the review!

    xo - Sheila


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