Monday, September 24, 2012

HEAT sale haul

Happy Monday!!! Yesterday I ventured to the HEAT group clearance sale in Scoresby for the first time ever by myself. I was all hyped up expecting it to be mega cheap but I was a little disappointed in the prices. For instance, Ulta3 nail polishes were priced at $2 - would have been nice if they were cheaper than retail. Having said that, it didn't stop me from buying stuff lol I picked up quite a bit of Essence eye shadows, some coloured eyeliners and bits & pieces of other stuff.

I spent a total of $54 for all the goodies below. Here are some prices (in case you were curious)
  • Bourjois $5
  • Essence $2
  • Covergirl $5
  • Elite Kabuki brush $4
  • Covergirl topcoat $1
I've read a few blogs raving about Essence eye shadows. Personally I've never tried Covergirl, Bourjois or Essence myself, so I grabbed a few to see what they are like. One day when I'm feeling brave, I'm going to try the smokey eye look.
I'm not sure why I needed 4 coloured eyeliners (I'm not a very adventurous person). Someone will need to teach me how to use coloured eyeliners, feel free to leave your tips in the comment section because I'm going to need it lol I did manage to try the Essence metallic blue eyeliner quickly yesterday. For some reason it was very soft and crumbly. It ended up getting stuck all over my bottom eyelashes (not a good look).
I also tried the Covergirl Advance Radiance concealer, it was wayyy too yellow on me. Kinda funny how it's too yellow on a yellow person lol Out of all the stuff I bought, the only item that I really 'needed' was the lip pencil, I been looking for one but since this was only $5 I thought why not? I need to stay away from these sales, I always get caught up in the moment and buy a bunch of stuff.

Have you been to the HEAT sales before? 

IMATS this weekend, more spending!!!
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  1. I am a bit jealous! Wish they had something like this in Perth!

  2. Oh my - I may have to fly over there!!!! Perth has nothing like this - except when I go bin diving in Target and Kmart)))

  3. I wish they did these in Sydney! Super jealous of when you guys get heat sales!

  4. Aw I wish we had this in SA!
    I love essence single eyeshadows :)
    Bourjois for $5 is such a steal :O
    omg lucky you, have fun at IMATS!!

  5. The purchases look good even though you weren't too happy with all of them! Bourjois for $5 is so good though :) How are you finding the essence eyeshadows?

  6. Oh nice purchases!I have that lipliners its one of my favourites. Looking forward to meeting you :-)

  7. So jealous! It was too far away for me to head in on less than a week's notice, next time I'll need more time to plan (and save!)
    Good haul though! :)

  8. I love the Bourjois blushes!! If I had gone I would have snagged as many as possible LOL. And lip products too :P Great haul though!

  9. I had no idea what a heat sale was but its obviously awesome! Great buys :0)

  10. Looks like you did very well! I skipped it as I've been before and I didn't really need anything this time. I did do some serious spending elsewhere though!

    The Essence products are pretty good and I have several of the same.

    With the coloured liner, you can do a thicker line on your upper lashline, then a thin line of black liner right on the lash line. Or just do a normal eye look and trace the liner on your lower waterline. :)

  11. Ooh I'm curious about the essence products. I keep seeing them at my drugstore but have yet to try anything out!

  12. The kabuki brush looks not bad! And I've always wanted to try Bourjois products; I've heard so many people talk about them!

    Belle Epoque

  13. WHAT?! Is this a regular thing, or is it on designated dates only? If it's always there, I need more details!! Scoresby is just around the corner from my new house, and I SO NEED TO GO! Haha

  14. Aah! I love your haul !
    I'm so envious of all the make-ups that you got !
    Have fun with all the products ! ^^

  15. I've been to the heat sale twice before, I think in 2009 & 2010. It used to be awesome but I have heard they put up prices nowdays!

    Great haul anyway! I hope you use everything - I bought soooo much stuff that I never use!!

  16. wow! what a great deal! visiting from the blog hop, i'm your newest follower :)

  17. Aww, I saw the HEAT sale being advertised on fb - wish we had these in Perth! $5 for the Bourjois products is so good!
    I went through a colour eyeliner rampage awhile back too...and many months later, they are still sitting unused on my dressing table. Definitely need to learn how to use them too, I think :)

  18. You caught a great sale. I found you on BlogLoveTherapy blog hop, I'm now following you maybe we could follow each other.


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