Monday, January 9, 2012


Oh man the dilemma, should I risk it and buy my veil online or buy it from the shops? If I get it online, what if its crappy material? I'll end up wasting the $150 and end up buying from a retail bridal shop? On the other hand, what if the quality is good and i'll never know lol

This is the kinda veil i'm after, the long thin type? dunno how else to describe them, I wanna take a photo similar to this where my veil flys. It looks romantic as.

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  1. I was lucky to get a free one with my dress, if you're after a long, just go ebay/etsy. You really can't tell the quality in photos :)

  2. How expensive is it? If it's not badly priced I'd say go for it. You can always buy a better one (and resell the old one) if you don't like it.


    what about somewhere like this??? just an idea.

    I say if you can afford to loose the money go for it... that is what I am thinking when buying my bridesmaid dresses online!

  4. MrsG - wow i wish the bridal store offered me a freebie lol

    Miss Directions - I think they were charging like $300+ too expensive for me for a piece of flowly thing in my hair lol

    Babybluez - yeh I wanted something like that. $100 is actually cheaper than the ones I was looking at last night.

    I just bought one on ebay lol for $19.95 with free shipping!!! I don't know what the quality is like but I wouldnt feel as bad if it turns out crap.

  5. Nice work! I think they categorise them by length, like dress trains, I'm pretty sure the pic above is of a cathedral length veil, which is what I'm aiming for.
    Let us know how the eBay one works out! :)

  6. Wedding planning must be so stressful! I hope you find the perfect one!

    xo Cee Cee
    @Ceecee's Inspirations Blog

  7. I made mine. A long one so I could have a photo like the one you showed. I just watched a few you tube videos and bought my material from a shop that specialises in bridal materials.

    It cost me a total of $30. The quality was great as well!

    It took me about 3 hours, because I was being super careful (I'm not a sewer!) and it was so easy.

  8. J - hehe thanks! It was shipped today so hopefully I will get it in a few days time and let you guys know how it went!

    Cee Cee - i'm not one of those girls who lovea planning and weddinga, i'm the exact opposite! That's why I left everything til the last few months!!

    Purple Pixie - wow! good work.. I wish I had the patience to make it myself

  9. Yay you got one on ebay. I brought one about two mths ago off ebay and it was great. 30 bucks so I was pretty happy with it :-)

  10. absolutely understandable. just check out the sellers credibility and its a risk for sure.. :(( but i wish you all the best in your search :D do drop by my blog & lets follow eachother on Bloglovin and GFC if u like :)).


  11. Ladies!! success!! =) i'm happy. I got cathedral floor length, i'm going to cut it shorter after my dress fitting next month. If anyone is interested let me know and ill give you the ebay seller details.

  12. That's so good to hear!
    I'll definitely keep it in mind, I don't even have a dress yet and the other day my Mum suggested I wear hers, which I'm not actually against, I think it'll be a nice tradition and if it goes with my dress I'm all for the hand-me-down! X

    1. well after I posted my update, I did notice the edges were jaggered. I think they are home made. Closer to the day i'll need to trim the sides lol I've followed you too! =) always love to follow fellow bloggers who are organising for their wedding!


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