Monday, January 16, 2012

Cherry Blossom Wedding cake!?!!?

Who would have though searching for a cake can be this much trouble. My sister has a friend who is a pastry chef, who I emailed asking for a quote to make cherry blossom cupcakes. She quoted me $7 per cup cake plus like another 200-300 for the fruit cake, that cake would cost me $1k eeeek.... There's a perception that cup cake towers are cheaper than an actual wedding cakes but its not!! omg the opposite. I wanted a yummy cake but I don't know if ppl can tell the difference between a $1k cake vs $600-800. Anyway so I kept looking around (by this time didn't really care if it was cup cakes or not). We found a place this afternoon that can do a very simple cherry blossom cake which isnt as crazy as some of the cherry blossom cakes on google like these guys. A bit too over the top with the flowers lol

Our wedding cake has two of our favourite things on it - cherry blossoms & pink bows.. you may think it sounds lame but it's pretty looking. It's a 3 tiered cake and I got different flavours for every tier. Good thing is we have flowers on the top tier so we don't need any cake toppers since the last one I bought was lost in the mail.


  1. Oh wow, those cakes!
    GEEEZZ $1000 for a cake? Far out! (Obviously I am not, nor have ever been involved in planning a wedding)
    Cherry Blossom sounds like a beautiful theme for your cake, make sure to post back your final choice!

  2. Wow, those cakes are like works of art hehe. Looking forward to seeing pics of yours, pink bows and cherry blossoms sounds lovely <3 and that's so cool that you are getting different flavours for each tier (have you chosen which ones yet?) xx

  3. I actually love love love that second cake!!

    Can't wait to see pictures of yours! :) x

  4. hey girls! thanks for the comments. I bought my cake already but I haven't got any pics of it

  5. Wedding cakes are expensive!!!! Crazy!

    Anyways, you've been tagged!!! Feel free to participate, but you don't have to :)


  6. pretty!! congrats on being engaged hon!!

    i LOVEE how your cake sounds.. cherry blossoms and bows.. two of my favorite things!!

  7. WOW those cakes look amazing. I love the show Planet Cake on the lifestyle. The cakes they do are incredible!

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog :) XO

  8. I had not realised wedding cakes are so exxy =/ looking forward to seeing the one you picked out, I agree the pics above are slightly OTT lol =)

  9. wow I loveeee the bottom cake. Yep engagement cakes can be expensive and wedding cakes too. My sisters was 500 for the engagement and 900 for the wedding ! eek!

    1. Mine ended up costing $500ish and it is perfect! I didn't want to spend so much for a cake, not like my guest can tell if it's good. lol

  10. amazing cakes!

  11. OMG! The cakes look absolutely yummy!

    xo xo,

  12. Show a picture of your cake!! When is the party??

  13. omg i want !
    the cakes loook amazingly yummmy (;

  14. Beautiful cakes...The last one is my fav.

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