Saturday, January 21, 2012

Australian Open - Tennis!

Today was my very first time going to the Australian Open!! The funny thing is I'm born in Melbourne and it has taken me 27yrs to finally go lol OMG I been missing out all those years!!! I have always thought because I'm not into the whole sports thing so there's no point in me going (thinking i'll be bored outta my brains while im there). I spent almost the whole day there from 12ish til 8, and I was not bored even once.

The Dove Marquee - They offered everyone 5 min hand massages, explain products to all of us and best of all the freebies! Look at the below pic of what I picked up, full size deodorants!!! They were giving out two per person!!! The rest is moisturiser, cleansing soap and hair treatment. Very nice girls working in there. 
 Our very first game we watched, I forgot their names already but these two girls won the match. 
We watched a few more games but I don't remember their names either lol What good am I? Anyway, I got hungry and we had Chicken strips & chips for dinner! Healthy huh? The chicken was like fake chicken meat? When I say fake, I mean seriously processed meat doesn't even have the chicken taste or texture anymore. For $9.50 I won't complain AS MUCH...

  We got to watch the match Mikkhail Kukushkin vs. Gael Monfils. I tell ya it was an intense match, after the second set I was so sure Monfils will lose. Then by 3rd and 4th set, Monfils caught up I was like omg he's going to win!!! 5th set, Kukushkin took it! =( I was so disappointed, I really wanted Monfils to win. The ass sitting in front of me kept leaning back, his back was touching my knees ewww...lucky it only touched my knee once otherwise I would have set him straight.
After the match, it got kinda cold and seriously windy so we decided to head home. Stopped by 7 11 near the train station and got a slurpee. Excuse my manly hands, I did try to hide it.

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  1. That's so cool that you went! I've never been to a sporting event hehe. I'm glad you had a great time, and omg those freebies look awesome!
    To answer your Bellabox Q, I do find that I use most of the products, and the ones I don't use I can pass on to family or friends who are better suited to it :) it's really fun for only $15 a month and you can cancel whenever you want so you aren't stuck in :) xx

  2. whoa, awesome that you went there!! it´s always fun to be at an event like this and see it live haha

    feel free to join my camwhore contest. :

    and current giveaway:

  3. I am JEALOUS!!!! That's it, I'm moving to Melbourne hahaha :D
    I'm glad you had fun! I was hoping Monfils was going to win :(

    1. lol next year come to melb to visit during aus open! maybe we can arrange a blog meet up to the tennis!

  4. How cool is that? and all those freebies? I was a dove user then I cheated on it with clinique and we broke up...but I'd definitly accept a freebie.


  5. Wow what an amazing day.

  6. Very nice Dove goodies you got there :) I love the brand. I just found your blog in my IFB group and I am now following.Would love it if you stopped by and check out my blog too :)

    1. Hi Dora, thanks for the comment =) shall come visit your blog!

  7. How cool!! Im not a big sports fan but have always wanted to go to the Australian Open, it looks like so much fun :)


    Tamara B.

  8. Sounds like you had a ball! Not a big tennis fan myself, but you never know, right? :) Anyway, thanks for the follow. Following you back on bloglovin!

  9. Hey, Melbournians!
    I saw the building from far away on a train.. LOL
    Just visited your city it was such a pleasure to ever visited your lovely city!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  10. This is soooo GREAT. I always watch Australian Open on TV and enjoy good tennis and sunny weather /during our winter/ ;)

  11. I went this year as well (I'm from Sydney). I'm an absolute tennis fanatic so it literally was a dream of mine, but like you, it took me forever to actually attend (23 years :p). Glad to hear you really enjoyed your experience. I never got to get those Dove freebies - the massive line each time I passed by the booth really deterred me.


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