Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve & Sangria time!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I know i'm a day late and HAPPY BOXING DAY LADIES! Going to head out to Chaddy soon.

My family likes to celebrate Christmas on the Eve, as usual we had too much to eat. I saw on taste they had a Sangria recipe so we decided to make it... boy was it strong lol after two glasses I was feeling really tipsy. The recipe makes about two jugs, so we had to finish that! It tasted really yummy.. a lot better than what's in restaurants. If you don't have the drinks/ingredients at home it is a little expensive. I got Cointreau in Safeway for $40 & two bottles of sparkling Shiraz for $20 plus caster sugar and fruits so all up it would cost you $65.

Dinner was a mix of food - we had pasta, spring rolls, fried chicken and chicken/beef skewers lol My mum also bought a Christmas log cake thingy but no one in my family really likes cake so it was all up to me to eat it. If the cake was not enough we also had an apple pie to finish!!

My sister got me matryoshkas measuring cups, they are heaps cute. I've seen them around but never thought I needed them but bonus that my sis got it for me. I normally like to guesstimate when cooking never used any measuring cups probably explains why no one wants to eat my food lol

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  1. I adore the M-Cups, but I don't think they are something I'd buy for myself. If on the other hand someone bought them for me, I'm sure I'd be over the moon haha. They are just one of those things - super cute, but I'd feel a bit silly buying them for myself to use.


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