Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Dior Long Wear Eyeliner Waterproof #94

Hi Ladies! I wanted to show you today my favourite eyeliner - Dior Long Wear Eyeliner Waterproof. I'm a hoarder, I like to buy and buy but never use anything. I found this the other day in my make up pile never opened brand new. I think I bought the eyeliner 1.5 yrs ago (I think?) and I'm still using the very first one I bought from Dior 2 yrs ago. I thought that I would need a replacement real quick but turns out I didn't lol So this may mean that the packaging might have changed in comparison with the same eyeliner in the shops.

My eyes get really teary when I yawn and for some strange reason I spend a lot of time yawning lol My eyeliner has to be long lasting and waterproof otherwise I end up looking like a panda. 

According to Dior "Create a glamorous, long-lasting look in the blink of an eye! Formulated with volatile silicones, this liner offers intense color, record wear and excellent water resistance."

It comes with a sharpener! There are two ends of this pencil, one is the eyeliner itself and the other is the foam tip.
A very intense black
The foam tip helps soften the line or to create that smokey eye look.
A swatch of what the eyeliner looks like. Colour intensity between 1 & 2 strokes.

Additional info:
  • Price: I don't remember how much it is LOL I'm sorry!!
  • Made in Germany
  • Does not irritate my eyes 
  • Bold colour
  • Long lasting (on top eye lid)
  • Tear proof
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • From memory I remember it being expensive
  • Sometimes I can still look like a panda if I line my lower lash line

Overall: This eyeliner is great! I have used my first crayon/pencil for 2yrs and only just now it has finished (I don't use eyeliner everyday though so it will definitely finish faster for those who use it everyday). 

What is your favourite or HG eyeliner?
Thanks for reading!!!
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  1. I love finding things in my drawer Ive forgotten about. Gorgeous intense black.

  2. Hi!! New follower here! Dior eyeliner?!? Seems pricey, but the packaging looks luxe and sophisticated! :P

    I haven't found a HG eyeliner yet, but Face Of Australia's Liquid and Mechanical Eyeliners are the best by far!

    1. Bought it so long a go feels like it's free lol Back in the days when I first started working, bought all sorts of goodies until the bills came rolling in lol

  3. I am always looking for a HG eyeliner. So far for me it's the Avon Supershock gel liner pencil in black. I buy them on eBay or have my UK friends send them to me. Have a great week! Stacie xo

    1. ooh! thanks I might give it a go, I'm always open to trying out new stuff lol

  4. looking for a good eyeliner - will try it out so :)

  5. I'm am so guilty of hoarding, I don't know what it is but I'm always buying back ups! The eyeliner looks so black, I'll have to remember to try it out :)

    1. I know tell me about it lol I have backups for everything. It's ridiculous, I have so much unopen stuff just sitting there. I'm trying to buy less so I force myself to use the stuff I have bought over a yr ago.

  6. Nice review! Hopefully, it's affordable here in the Philippines! ヅ

    P.S. You may want to visit our blog & we'd love it more if we follow each other.

    Thanks! ヅ

  7. I have the normal one (not waterproof) and i like the sponges!
    I am paranoid about waterproof makeup.

    1. I always try to get waterproof, why paranoid? now i'm paranoid coz your paranoid LOL

  8. Thanks for this useful review ;-))


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