Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Boxing day??

5 Reasons to avoid Boxing Day - It's weird, you would assume that Boxing day being the day after Christmas everyone would be in a pretty good mood...WRONG. I think Boxing day brings out the worse in people.

Here are some reasons why I'm turning anti-boxing day:
  • The Carpark - people yelling and cursing at each other over who took whos carpark. 
  • Inside the shopping centre - people are pushing and shoving like it's the end of the world. The stuff isn't even that cheap I don't see the need to push people out of the way.
  • There are not enough sales to go around for everyone - some people will just hog up everything.
  • When you do manage to find something in the messy piles, the line to pay is like 10x longer than the time it took you to decide on it.
  • Notice how it encourges a lot of impulse buys?
Source: Digitaltrend


    1. This was the first time in a about 5 years I wasn't working Boxing Day in retail. Its just as bad being a sales assistant. People are so rude and cranky with you. Its such a horrible day. That's why I opted for online shopping this year.

    2. I was proud of myself I didn't even venture out into the boxing day sales madness! - The online shopping is such a great idea!

    3. I prefer to go shopping after boxing day, like after the new year because the rush has died down and stuff is even cheaper. I like to work on boxing day, public holiday rates =)


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