Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Traffic Source: Ugliest Christmas Tree

I find it hilarious some of the keywords I find in my blogger stats. This morning when I was looking at it, someone search 'ugliest christmas tree ever' and my blog came up!!! Must tell me something lol I dunno why people want to see ugly christmas trees anyway.


  1. Haha! That's funny. Your Christmas tree was far from ugly, however.

    Google, you fail!

  2. People Want to See Ugliest Christmas Tree to make up that their Christmas tree isn't ugliest....LOL..
    That's make sense but your tree was far from's Google's fault......

  3. haha.. why would people search for ugly trees? :P

  4. Ha ha that's great. Google fail. I am yet to get picked up on an odd or funny search term can't wait though it'll be hilarious when it happens Im sure.

  5. LOL! The things some people will google for are hilarious, I had 2 hits to my site under 'grandma undies' - sheesh, lol. Twice is insulting ;p


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