Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil + Giveaway winner

Happy Tuesday!! I'm turning into a real slacker when it comes to blogging. I been sitting at home every night thinking I should be blogging but then I'll end up doing something else. This has been happening all week! Anywayyyy.. a few months a go, I went to check out Chemist Warehouse, wanted to see if they got any good bargains. Just so happens that Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil was on sale so I picked up a bottle. I can't remember how much I got it for but it was definitely a few bucks cheaper than the rrp.
Application: You can either use it before washing your hair to help nourish or before styling for protection. I usually use 2 pumps on my hands, rub them together and put it all over my hair.

Additional info:
  • Made in Israel
  • RRP $19.95 (100ml)
  • Availability: Large supermarkets and other retailers 

What it feels like: A light clear oil

What I like:
  • Product doesn't weigh down my hair
  • Doesn't leave hair greasy like other oils
  • Adds definition to wavy hair
  • You can use the product any way you like
  • Leaves hair glossy
  • The scent of the oil is a little plan but it didn't bother me
  • Great packaging with the pump 

Overall: This is my first hair oil I've used so I wouldn't have much to compare it to. I would like to try moroccan oil one day but every time I see the price tag, it puts me off. As you can see, I don't really spend much money hair products. I been using this oil after I blow dry my hair and I love the gloss it gives. You might think that because it's an oil it will cause your hair to get oily quicker but it's so not true with this product. I'm still washing my hair like every 3-4 days (gross? yes I'm lazy lol). Great product, try try try!!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Blogiversary Giveaway. The winner is yozellyn. I will be sending you an email shortly. Please respond within 2 days or a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks for reading!!!
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  1. I am currently trying an oil from Garnier .. I believe it is called Sleek and Shine and I am pretty happy with it. Maybe I will try this one next. It is not gross to wash your hair every 3-4 days (if it doesn't look bad), actually is more healthy for your hair :)


    1. Hey Cristina lol you know what I was telling my coworkers that I wash my hair 3-4 days and they were really grossed out so I assumed everyone would think its disgusting! Oh yeh I've heard about that one but haven't tried it yet, I think im going to start venturing out to hair products.

  2. helloo ^^
    Just to make sure, you've received my reply right?
    Thank you again for the giveaway >.<

    Btw I also use loreal oil but different name ( forgot the name) I also have oil from Obre that my salon suggested for me ^^ love them..

    1. Yozellyn!! Yes i got your reply. I'll send it out this weekend.

  3. Sometimes life gets in the way!
    Love the post. Thanks for the review. I'm always looking for a good oil.

    1. Hippoleetoe I like your name! I know sometimes life gets in the way but for me I was just lazy lol

  4. thanks for your review!
    it seems l'oreal is revamping up their hair care lines.
    i've always liked their hair products and i was curious about this one as well.
    sounds like this could do some good for my hair this winter. :)

  5. This hair oil is so nice, I am still so addicted to Moroccan Oil though, such an expensive addiction. Love your blog x new follower here x


  6. I love this hair oil! I think the bottle is so luxurious as well. Considering I only paid about $7 for mine with a Priceline voucher, I'm really happy with it!


  7. the packaging looks so cool ^^

    visit my blog ^^


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