Friday, April 6, 2012

Circle Lenses: Beuberry B.B Violet

Happy Easter everyone!!! Uniqso recently sent me a pair of circle lenses to review. This is my first pair of circle lenses! I ended up getting the Beuberry B.B Violet, it's such a pretty colour.

It came in this cute little box with a contact lense case too!
Brand: Beuberry
Colour: B.B Violet
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 16mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55%
Duration: 12 month disposable
 Look how amazing the violet looks!
 I took a photo one eye with the contacts and one without so it's easier to compare. The diametre is perfect for my eyes and I love the doll like effect. Initially, I was worried that I might look like a vampire but it actually looks quite natural looking. This pic was taken without flash.
Here is a close up of my eye with the contacts on, pretty yeh??? 

Colour & Design: 5/5
For me, I like it not so over the top. If you are after something dramatic and you have dark eyes this may not be the right colour for you.

Enlargement: 5/5
 16mm diametre is prefect for my eyes, I don't think it would have felt as comfy if it was larger and if it was smaller, it wouldn't have given the same effect.

Comfort: 4/5
I was actually really surprised, it's sooo comfy! Sometimes I wear normal clear dailies and they dry out my eyes but these felt like you don't have anything on. (I only wore it for a few hours so I don't know if it will dry your eyes after a whole day)

Overall: 4.7/5
Love these lenses and I will be definitely trying out other colours from Beuberry.

If you guys haven't checked out Uniqso, you should! Right now, they are offering 10% off their website if you use my code!
I have never seen such fantastic customer service. They respond to emails within an hour and sends out stuff even faster!! Definitely one of my best online shopping experience is with Uniqso.

Have you tried circle lenses? What are your favourites?

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  1. Do you know if they sell prescription lenses with astigmatism?

    1. hmm I am not sure, you might want to email uniqso and see if they do!

  2. woot these lenses are gorg!!! glad its comfy too!

  3. oh these are so pretty! they suit you heaps :D
    im too sissy to try colors like purple/grey/green, ive only tried the geo fresh looks in brown lol

    1. I wanted to try grey or green but then I thought they would be too ott for me so I took a conservative color lol

  4. lovely color! visiting from IFB. followed your blog. check out mine at :)


  5. wowww gorgeous! I envy you because I can't wear any lenses coz of my astigmatism ):

    1. thanks! oh that's a shame, is there other prescribe lenses you could try from the optometrist?

  6. your eyes look wonderful in these! I have -6 so there are no fun colourful lenses for me :(
    I'll be happy if you visit me:)

  7. Those are so pretty! I've only ever bought circle lenses once (I can't remember the brand :/) but I got violet as well! :) They look really good on you!

    xoxo, morgin

    1. thanks morgin, these are my first pair. I want to give brown a go.

  8. Hi! We nominated you for the versatile blog award because we love your blog!

    Check out the post here:

    Amy, Bec & Caitlyn.

  9. I'm not usually a fan of different coloured contacts, especially with Asian eyes like mine because they often look odd. But these are fantastic! So natural looking.

  10. cat!! yeh me too I thought i would look like a freak but it actually looked alright on me lol

  11. Ker I loved the makeup you paired with the lenses too. I haven't tried it before I must admit, but one of my friends wear them regularly and she looks fab!

    Anyways, I've awarded you the Versatile blogger award. If you have received it before however, just answer my tag questions. You'll see:

  12. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on a post. :) I followed your blog! Hope you could check out my blog again and follow it if you like it. :) Thanks!


  13. Awesome Contacts! May have to get myself some of those- I frequently wear coloured contacts but I haven't bought any purple yet! Great- blog, i'm now your newest follower :) Check mine out sometime.


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