Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend: Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show!

Happy Sunday!!! This weekend B and I headed to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden show. This is my second time going, last year I was a volunteer at one of the charities. I'm not a fan of gardening but I do love going to see the flowers there, so many beautiful floral decorations and arrangements.
 I do wonder though, how they kept some of their flowers alive.
Check out the cute little grass rabbits on the bottom right corner.
 If my wedding wasn't cherry blossom themed, I would have picked this as my centre piece. It's so simple yet beautiful.
 It really amazes me to see how this was put together.
 Today I was wearing my bracelet from OASAP. If anyone is interested this is a closeup of my bracelet. I was going to take an outfit pic but I completed forgot.
 There was a Garnier dome there, kinda random to have a skincare beauty place in a flower show but hey I'm not complaining lol Had to wait like 15-20mins in the queue but so worth the wait!
 Inside the dome, they can recommend skincare, hairstyling or a massage. I got a massage even though the line was the longest wait. The Garnier girl was amazing, I thought it would be a shabby shoulder and neck massage but I really enjoyed it.
 When people leave, they hand out a goodies bag. Garnier was very generous, the products were all full size!! They said this bag is worth over $50! The good thing was they put in everyday products that ppl would use.

Going to the flower show has got me thinking, I would like to learn floral arrangements some time in the future after I finish studying. I am making my wedding bouquet and will be posting about it in the next week or two.

Has anyone else been to a similar flower show?


  1. Hey! I just found your blog and I think it's pretty amazing, well structured and with a lot of inspiring posts:)
    If you want we can follow each other, I would be very glad to have you as my new friend!:X

  2. Such gorgeous flowers! I did my certificate II, III and IV in floristry last year, just for a bit of fun! You would love it! xx

  3. I love the first pic, the flowers look so... fiery?

  4. Oooh pretty flowers!!!! Love love love!!! I think Sophie was there too (from Je m'appelle Sophia) - not sure if you two follow each other?

    I love your bling, sooo awesome!! And garnier's goody bag is pretty awesome, too.


  5. Awesome pics! Lovely weather for it this weekend too :)

  6. Gorgeous flowers! I missed this...great weather for it, too!

    And such a generous goodie bag from Garnier!

  7. Wow! I was playing with the idea of going but in the end couldnt be bothered driving up from Geelong.

    Now I've seen your pics, definitely going next year!

  8. Wow, the flower show looks beautiful. All the arrangements are so gorgeous and breathtaking. I love the little hedge bunnies!
    Floral arrangement sounds fun. My aunty's getting her certificate thru Tafe and she gets to do all these interesting assignments like making flower handbags, and even designing a dress with floral components!

  9. Wow! All these flowers are so beautiful! I wish I was there, I love it :)


  10. The flowers look amazing... Love your blog!

  11. Wow! I would say that 15 min wait was worth it for all the free products!!

    Found your blog through the Monday Beauties blog hop!

  12. wow! this looks amazing! such lovely photos!

  13. Some beautiful displays!
    That Garnier goodie bag looks divine! Well done :)

  14. I love flowers, there's nothing quiet as beautiful as mother nature.

  15. The flowers look amazing. >w< The gift bag was so generous haha.

  16. aw Im so jelly u live in Melb! The flowers look stunning. And I want to steal your bracelet!
    Rina xo

  17. I adore fresh flowers, my friend is a master florist and I totally envy her job sometimes (except mother's day/ Valentines etc when her poor fingers literally bleed)!Rx

  18. wow looks like a great event.
    such pretty flowers!

    I am going to follow you. Hope you will do the same.

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  19. i've never been to a flower show before, but i would love to attend one -- the flowers are so gorgeous! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  20. these photos are so beautiful :) i love flowers!


  21. love the roses in the bucket... that is simple and so pretty.

  22. omg sooo pretty!!! im loving flowers lately!!!

  23. Love the flowers! :)

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