Thursday, October 27, 2011

October bargains - part 2

Heyyy!! Decided to write up about another bargain buy! At lunch time, I stopped by Forever New (an aussie clothing brand) and they had a whopping further 40% sale items! Scored myself this pair of shorts! They are awesomely cute =) For $17 you can't go wrong!
Looking at their website now, saw a few items I'm quite liking. How cute are these dresses and skirt? I was never really into Forever New but recently their new range are pretty dam cool. I love pastel colours and nothing too out there. Simple is my style. I like dresses that has a belt around the waist, coz I have big hips so anything that shows my waist makes me less self conscious.
Ultra cute skirt with a bow!
I picked up this necklace from Lovisa. Looks better in person than in this pic. This is my first item purchased from Lovisa, hoping to wear it to a wedding this Sunday.

Tomorrow after work, I'll be on a mission to find some false lashes. I want to get the individual ones, never tried them before, hoping it won't be that hard.

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  1. Nice blog and interesting clothes.
    Lovely and very girlish.

    Keep the good work



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