Friday, October 21, 2011

Day off work

On Monday I decided to take an extra day off work for study which was yesterday, its been a while since I had some time off away from work. Yesterday was a really relaxing day. Woke up did some study then headed off to the city for lunch.
- me waiting at the train station
For Lunch, we went to this place in China Town not quite sure the name but it's a Japanese cafe. It's a very small looking cafe with two floors. This is my go to place for bento boxes! They range from $9.50-10 for lunch Bento boxes. This is the beef sukiyaki for $9.50. What I love is it also comes with a free drink (miso soup, coke, tea or ice lemon tea). I got the lemon tea yesterday since it was hot.
Bento Box
We stopped by fed sq and Hosier lane. Here are pics I took.
Hosier Lane

Dragon baby @ Fed Sq
Then we headed off to Myer and got myself a new dress for a wedding next weekend at Leonda. Excuse the quality of the photo, it was taken with my phone in the changing rooms lol Had to put my finger onto the speaker part of the phone so it wouldnt make that camera noise (ppl might think im some kinda pervert taking a pic of them!). Not quite comfy with showing my face yet, so enjoy the face censoring! The dress fits really well and looks a lot better in person than what's in the pic.
My new dress
I'm looking for a chunky necklace to match this dress, preferably in white? like a pearly necklace? Any recommendations on where I can this? Also, don't want to spend too much probably going to end up wearing it once lol

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  1. hey darl!
    Lightscapade is out in Mac stores in australia :)

  2. Wahh such a cute dress! I've also been wanting to grab myself a statement necklace too, but havent come across a nice one yet. :( I hope I do soon though and when I do I'll be sure to link you ^__^ xx

  3. Nice stripe dress....


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