Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: Glam By Manicare Femme Fatale Kourtney lash

This post was written a few weeks back and I forgot to schedule it! I am not one that wears false lashes much. Reason being that my eyes are too dry for contact lenses and I'm stuck with wearing my glasses. I was given the opportunity to review the new Glam By Manicare Femme Fatale Kourtney lash* which was pretty exciting!! 

Only managed to take a pic with it on lol the rest were too dark or my eyes look weird. I think I have uneven eyes, they look really weird in photos.

Additional info:
  • Product made in Indonesia, packaged in China
  • RRP $11.95

What I like:
  • Comes with a small bottle of adhesive. When I do use fake eyelashes, I like to carry some adhesive in my bag for those emergency situations. 
  • Durable and one pair should last a good 4-5 usage
  • Length of the lashes is good!! Looks a little weird at the start since I'm use to short little asian lashes.

What I dislike:
  • Well not really a dislike but the lash strip was pretty long, I had to trim off part of it because I have small asian eyes lol 
  • The glitter band was a little thick for me

Overall: These lashes are great, if only I could wear them more often! Why do I have to be so blind?? A random thought, back when I was younger, I remembered I loved wearing glasses thought it was cool.

Thanks for reading!!!
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  1. They look so beautiful!!:)

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    The Misty Mom

  2. It's a little strange at first, not use to seeing a white shiny strip where you would usually see a black eyeliner. But it's captivating, I wonder how it looks like with your eyes open!

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  4. The glitter strip is an interesting detail! It seems to limit where you can wear the lashes, but they look like a fun way to dress up for going out :)

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  6. Did the glitter make the eyelash stand out too much?
    Just wondering because I've always been curious about that .

  7. I think they look really good! I have the same issue with glasses too :( x


  8. I've never seen lashes like these! I love the length of these lashes too, very pretty :)
    Omgsh, I have the tiniest Asian eyes too... I know how you feel! -.-

  9. Hi!Thnak you for dropping by my blog, and I really like yours! It seems ;like we have the same interests! :)) I followed you


  10. nice review!



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