Monday, March 26, 2012

NOTD: Sportsgirl Ballerina

Happy Monday!!! Last week when I went back to my parents place, I was digging through my stuff that I left behind. I found this Sportsgirl nail polish in my room, never used. Amazingly it was still perfectly good to use even after like 2 yrs sitting there lol I'm sure most of you ladies can tell by the old Sportsgirl packaging.

This was about 2-3 coats
I like to use a base and top coat, it can last up to a week before it starts chipping.

This is my first nail post and probably my last too. This topic is too intense for me, im such a newbie at painting my nails, takes me 50million years just to get it right.

Have you ladies got any tips on how to avoid smudging your nails?

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  1. Thin layers! Very very very thin layers, and wait til they dry before you apply another coat.

    It's a gorgeous colour, by the way. How lucky it's still good to use!

  2. Haha I just try not to move until its bone dry! I bought an opi quick dry top coat the other day so I'll have to see how that goes when it arrives :)

  3. Few thin coats and do it while you are watching something, so you won't move around and use your hand for a good while :)

    I love that colour and I have it too!!!


  4. I also don't really paint my nails. That's a really cute color though :)


  5. Thin layers, wait for them to dry and a fast drying topcoat! Gorgeous pink! xx

  6. Hey there lovely! found your blog through the blog hop and Thought I'd let you know just how cute your little bloggie is. Love the pink ribbons :D for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts :D


  7. I really do not have any tips as I am rubbish myself, which is why i rely on Nailfoils. They are more expensive but time effective if you ask me.

  8. Gorgeous colour. I would recommend thin layers and wait for each one to dry for a few mins and then on to the next layer oh and dont forget a good topcoat (preferably fast drying), hope this helps xx

  9. Gorgeous shade of pink ! I am pretty good at doing my nails but I don't have enough patience to wait so I end up for doing a mess LOL
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  10. Such a sweet colour.
    I love my Sally Hansen nail hardener.. You pop it on as a top coat and it dries your nails in 2 minutes flat, plus makes it go hard.

  11. I think you did a great job :)
    My tip would be to have some q-tips and nail varnish remover on hand for those oh-so-easily-done slip ups. This was you are correcting your mistakes whilst you are going along.

  12. Gotta love that! I found an old bottle the other day which must be at least 3 years old but still went on perfect!

    My tip would be to have a lot of time and patience. Lots of patience!

  13. hi there! thanx to pass by my blog! so yeah! its a sakura tree from my bg! i see thtat u like sakura too! i love that color on your nail! sorry about the late reply!

  14. Love the colour! I have those days where painting my nails just goes so wrong so I give up aha! :)

    Great blog lovely! xxxxxxxxx

  15. I love when you find useful stuff just like that at home. It feels like you got a present :D

  16. That's just such a dainty and amazing pink - so beautiful!

    Lea x

  17. Haha this post made me laugh! I'm terrible with painting nails too, glad I'm not the only one!


  18. Love this pretty color on your nails!! BTW, came to your beautiful blog via brightside bloghop! I am your newest follower, thought to let you know! I'd appreciate if you could connect with me and follow back! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  19. i love nail polish!! lol. thats a cute color btw. makes your skin color look nice and tanned. anyways, just stopping by to say hi!


  20. The colour is gorgeous and I've tried the base and top coats from OPI but somehow they always chip soon after application! To prevent smudging I usually run my hair dryer on low and fan it across the polished nails and then paint the other hand. Stopping by from the blog hop, the layout of your blog is beautiful. Would you like to follow each other?


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