Wednesday, May 23, 2012

GHD launches new glossy Limited Edition stylers!!!

A few months ago, I posted about curling my hair with a ghd here. Recently, ghd has launched new glossy limited edition stylers! Man how amazing does these look??

The new glossy styler are said to be "Quick and easy Kink-free straightening, as well as curls, waves and all your other favourite styling techniques, the ghd IV styler makes light work of them all".

The award winning ghd IV styler features
Advanced ceramic heater technology: for beautiful, smooth shiny hair.
Professional 2.7 metre swivel cord: allows for easy styling.
Sleep mode: heaters automatically switch off if not used for 30 minutes.
Universal voltage: for optimum performance wherever you travel.

Tip to get the look with the
ghd IV styler
To get the right blend of bounce and smoothness, spritz ghd Style Root Lift Spray, into roots before blow-drying hair in sections with the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush. If you’re pushed for time, tip your head upside down and rough-dry, smoothing through with the ghd Paddle Brush as you go. Once dry, working in sections about 4cm wide, place the ghd IV gloss styler, at the root and pull the hair up and away from your head. As you approach  the end of the section, turn the styler in towards you as you move through to  the ends. Once  all the hair has been smoothed, brush through with the ghd Paddle Brush and  finish with a fine mist of ghd Style Final Shine Spray which is  super light and will allow the style to retain its bounce.

Available in two classic finishes: patent black and poppy red (both available for a limited time).

Further information can be found at

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post


  1. woah the new GHDs look SO good!

    thanks for your comment by the way :)

  2. This looks awesome!!

    xo, Jersey Girl

  3. ooh really nice. they look like they'd glide through your hair no worries!

  4. wonderful things that you have! very glamorous! you're a girl with style, congratulations. I love your blog, I follow you now, check it now! I invite you on my own, so if you like my blog you may return so we keep in touch. What do you think?
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  5. Looks great, I've always wanted to try GHD irons.

    I'm following your blog, check out mine? :)

  6. Even though I want these sorts of things I can't get myself to buy one because I feel bad about it @_@

    I followed and tagged you in my post!

  7. Those look pretty awesome. I don't really do anything to my hair except to put it in a pony tail but I'll look into these.

  8. Wow, those look sleek!

    I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  9. haha, want it all :)
    thanks for your comment darling :)

  10. I need these! Very nice blog! I found you through blog hop!! Happy Memorial Day!


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